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The University of Salford formed from a merger of technical colleges and institutes, created to educate and train a growing workforce. With a past entrenched in industry, we have continued to build on our principles of getting students work-ready. Read more about our heritage and how it has shaped the organisation we are today.

Our past is rooted in the great Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century, which changed the world. Salford’s thriving textile industry was fed by the Manchester Ship Canal, which opened in 1894 and gave the city direct trade access to the sea.
The Salford docks brought employment until the latter half of the 20th Century. When the old industries went into decline, demand for new industrial skills led to the formation of the Pendleton Mechanics Institute in 1850 and the Salford Working Men’s College in 1858.
These merged at the end of the century to form the Royal Technical Institute, Salford, which was opened by the Duke and Duchess of York (who later became King George V and Queen Mary) in 1896.

Salford International Excellence Scholarship 2023-24 in UK (Funded)

University:  University of Salford
Degree level:  Undergraduate
Scholarship coverage:  £5000
Eligible nationality:  All Nationalities
Award country:  United Kingdom

Eligibility Criteria

•  You must hold a bachelors degree offer letter and gained an advanced entry due to which you will start your studies in year two or year three rather than year one.
•  Have professional experience gained through work, extracurricular activities or your in entrepreneurial or creative projects.
•  Must hold the status of an international student.


You must review all the scholarship information including eligibility, criteria, deadlines, and terms and conditions. Click on the individual scholarship pages to find this information.
You should review the scholarship application requirements and prepare your answers in advance. This is important as you cannot save and return to the application form, it must be completed in one go.
Incorrect or incomplete application forms are immediately rejected.
Scholarship applicants must hold an offer of admission to the University of Salford before applying.
If you applied for a postgraduate course, direct to the university, you will need your university reference number. This is available on your offer letter and begins with @.
If you applied for an undergraduate course via UCAS, you will need your UCAS applicant number and you must have received a conditional or unconditional decision.

This is available on the UCAS portal and begins with
1. Applicants without an offer of admission will be automatically rejected.
The scholarship essay section requires a two-part scholarship essay. This is the most important part of the scholarship application. It allows you to show your commitment to the University of Salford, your programme of study, and your experience and achievements.
We will use the data you provide in your application to determine whether you are eligible for the scholarship you applied for.  We will keep your data until the start date of your programme so you can receive information about your application outcome. After that date your application will be deleted. The data will be kept securely and only accessed by staff members of the University who are involved in scholarship processes. Successful scholarship applicants may furthermore get contacted by our international marketing team when they are registered students. If you have any queries about your data rights, please contact our International mailbox ( ).

Official link:

Deadline: 6 March 2023

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