Public service transport service Job Vacancy 2024

1.Senior Accountant

Required Education: MA/BA Degree in Accounting, Banking and Finance etc.
Relevant work experience: 4/2 years

2.Service recipient

Required Education: 12+2/10+3 in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Cooperative Accounting, Business Administration etc.
Level II/III
Relevant work experience: 0/2 years

3.Special Bus Cross Country Bus Captain

Required Education: 8th/10th grade, 5th grade driver’s license/4th grade criminal license or 3rd grade in the new nation
Relevant work experience: 8 years and cross-country transport driving experience


Date of Registration:- Register by coming from 2:30am to 11:20am on 5/five/ consecutive working days from the date of publication of this advertisement in the newspaper.
We assure you that you can.
Registration Location: Human Resources Management and Development Group at the service’s headquarters in front of the Mexico City Police Hospital.
Directly working in the transport sector, relevant for positions requiring work experience;
Special Bus Cross Country Bus Captain age 45 and below

The call for examination of eligible applicants will be announced in the internal notification of the service;
Applicants with work experience are required to write a statement of ethics from their school that is less than 6 months old when applying for registration.
We would like to inform the applicants that the listed position will be reserved for 6 months and after 6 months, the position will be cancelled.
Female applicants are encouraged.
For more information, call 0115504564
Public service transport service

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