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PE Teacher (Female only)

Job Description

The position of PE Teacher at Sandford International School is of the utmost importance. Teachers have the responsibility and the opportunity to make the school thebest that we can be by delivering the educational and social programs with care, commitment and compassion.

Reporting relationships.

   The PE Teacher is directly responsible to the Head of the Department.


  • To prepare thoroughly for all lessons and to ensure that all student’s work is checked and appropriate feedback given.
  • To conduct indoor and outdoor sport activities based on their age, interest and skill of the students.
  • To conduct all field and classroom lessons in accordance with the school timetable and curriculum.
  • To develop the students’ physical and social skills as well as their academic skills in line with school expectations.
  • To show care, compassion and understanding for each child in his/her class.
  • Manage the students in sport disciplines and sport science.
  • To prepare any reports etc requested by the Head of Primary.
  • To contribute to school development discussions and contribute to the improvement of any policies and procedures in SIS
  • To maintain all records of work including lesson plans, tests and assessment records
  • To keep abreast of developments in education, and make the most of all opportunities to continue developing as a professional teacher.
  • To undertake professional development and training and actively pursue opportunities to take part in professional development activities
  • To outline personal professional goals at the start of the year as part of the teacher’s evaluation and professional development system.
  • To take a full and active role in the development and review of curriculum documents for their section or department.
  • To take a full and active role in the Primary/secondary activities programme and in whole school activities.
  • Liaise with parents of children in your classes and to provide them with parenting ideas which will support us in our academic and social programs.
  • To assist with any other duties as delegated by the Head of Department

Job Requirements

Qualifications & Education 

  • MSc/BSc Degree in Physical Education, Sport Science and other related field
  • Application Certificates

Experience & Knowledge 

  • Experience of working with Teaching in Sport science
  • Substantial experience of practical and theoretical science
  • Ability to build effective professional discipline in PE field for students
  • Experience and Knowledge and understanding of current educational and other affairs/issues relevant to the school.
  • Application Interview References


  • Ability to build effective professional relationships with students, staff, parents/careers, partners and other stakeholders 
  • Ability to work with initiative, as an individual and as a team member 
  • Able to teach by doing the science and activities of the course
  • Ability to coach students in sport discipline for physical and mental development 
  • Ability to contribute to the leadership team of the school and represent the needs of both internally and external stakeholders.
  • Ability to manage people, projects, events and resources effectively 
  • Application Interview References

Personal Attributes 

  • Excellent physical fitness, communication, organizational and interpersonal skills 
  • Ability to lead and manage sport science and implement rules of the game effectively. 
  • A commitment to excellence and working in partnership
  • A commitment to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people 
  • Interview References

How to Apply

Please forward your application letter and updated CV via:  

“Sandford International School is committed to: safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all children; and as a Non-Governmental Organization staff are expected to be non-partisan, committed to equal opportunity for all, irrespective of race, religion, and gender, and reject discrimination on any grounds”

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