Federal Civil Service Commission Job Vacancy


For the first time in Ethiopia , modern civil service was established on October 14/1900 AD . m . History essays explain that Emperor Menelik II started by appointing six ministers . In order to modernize the structure of government employees , an institution called ” General Office ” ( as amended ) was officially started by Order No. 23/55 under Law Department Notice No. 269/55 . Under the same name until 1967 . m . After being called , it has been organized in a new organizational structure called ” Public Employees and Offices Management Commission ” as it has maintained its centrality .  

After the collapse of the Derg and the change of regime , when the Transitional Government was established , the Commission’s powers and responsibilities were established in a new form in Proclamation No. 41/88 , which was issued to determine the powers and responsibilities of the central and regional executive offices . After the transitional government of E. Fe . D. _ Re . In the Decree No. 256/94 issued to improve the organization of executive bodies , the ” Civil Service Agency ” was established as the minister for capacity building .

Subsequently, in accordance with Decree No. 691/2003 , the Ministry of Capacity Building and the Civil Service Agency merged with the name ” Ministry of Civil Service ” in 2003 . It is known to be established . He carried out the duties and responsibilities given to him until 2008 . It was reorganized as ” Ministry of Public Service and Human Resource Development ” in Proclamation No. 916/2008 in order to make the services accessible to government and private institutions , to coordinate and monitor human resource development , institutional change and good governance activities at the level of development the country has reached .  

Finally, improving service delivery is one part of the national change process undertaken by the government , so it has been found necessary to check the organization and operation of government institutions to realize the national change that has started by modernizing the organization and operation of executive institutions by providing efficient and effective services . Therefore, it was reorganized as ” Civil Service Commission ” by Proclamation No. 1097/2011 . Accordingly , the civil service sector is carrying out human resource development and work management , capacity building of government executive institutions , service delivery and complaint and complaint system , and ensuring , coordinating and implementing work environment comfort . In 2014 _ _ Also , according to Article 42(2) of Proclamation No. 1263/2014 issued by the House of People ‘s Representatives of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to determine the powers and functions of the executive bodies , the functions and responsibilities given by the Council of Ministers Regulation No.  502/2014 approved to determine the powers, functions and organization of the Federal Civil Service Commission .

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