Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI)

About EDI Ethiopia

The Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) Ethiopia is an autonomous institution reporting to the Ministry of Labor and Skills. EDI came into being following the latest government reorganization bringing together two entities, namely: The UNDP-supported Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC), established in February 2013, and the World Bank-financed Women Entrepreneurship Development Project (WEDP), inaugurated in December 2012. EDI aims to promote the emergence of a vibrant, competitive, and innovative private sector, in particular a strong SME segment. This is accomplished through a comprehensive package of entrepreneurship support programs ranging from ecosystem and capacity building to BDS, access to finance, market linkage, and business incubation and acceleration services. Following its new mandate as a national institution, EDI plays a key role in the Ethiopian entrepreneurial ecosystem, and has undertaken a strategic shift from direct services provider to building the capacities of other public and private institutions in the ecosystem.

About SEED Program

The Sustainable Employment through Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) Program is a 5 years program designed in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation and a consortium of organizations led by the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI). The Program aspires in creating Dignified and Fulfilling Jobs for 1 million youth and women in Ethiopia. SEED will be anchored at the Technical, Vocational and Training (TVT) institutions aiming to support  the advancement of education and youth employment by capacitating  100 TVTs through  introducing transformative operational business models, supporting the establishment and operationalization of business incubation centers and the development of demand-driven and quality training programs, and supporting linkages essential for cooperation and collaboration for TVTs to become self-reliant and entrepreneurial. 

The program has four major interventions; i) Transforming 100 TVTs towards enabling one million dignified and fulfilling work; ii) Enhancing the employability of young people through skilling and enterprise development; iii) Facilitating innovative access to finance and market linkages; and iv) Improving enabling environment for entrepreneurship and enterprise development. 

Finance Specialist

Scope of work and job description 

The Finance Specialist is accountable for the specific deliverables of the finance team, pertaining to financial transaction processing, recording, data management, treasury/disbursement management, Accounts Receivable/Accounts payable management, reporting, as well as organization-wide budgeting process. Finance specialist is expected to work closely with and has direct oversight of the activities of the finance officer to ensure the fulfillment of responsibilities. The Finance specialist also acts as a liaison between the Finance & admin manager and the Finance Officer and the rest of the finance team to ensure the smooth functioning of the team.

Financial Specialist Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with different departments and management of EDI to gather and analyze financial information.
  • Prepares financial plans and develop financial models.
  • Prepares budget reports and financial statements in accordance with professional and regulatory standards.
  • Monitors the implementation of financial plans, performing risk assessments, and making adjustments as needed.
  • Documents financial processes and presenting progress reports.
  • Record daily transaction by using quick book accounting software and keep financial documents properly for audit purpose.
  • Keep informed of regulatory requirements and best practices in financial management.
  • Establishes and maintains an up to date and reliable financial management system.
  • Prepared monthly bank reconciliation for all bank accounts of the projects.
  • Follow bank related activities including deposits, check clearance, daily account balance, and receipts related to bank account.
  • Prepares quarterly and annual reports of the Program/projects.
  • Performs other related duties as may be required.  

Open Position: One Position 

Contract duration: One year with possible extension

Required Number: (1) One

Job Requirements

Finance Specialist Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or MA/MSc in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Business Management and other related field.
  • At least 7 years’ experience as a financial specialist, or similar positions.  
  • Proficiency in business management, statistical, analytical, and spreadsheet software.
  • In-depth knowledge of financial analysis, models, and forecasts.
  • Superb attention to detail.
  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills.
  • Exceptional analytical and strategic thinking abilities.
  • Great organizational and time-management skills.
  • In-depth knowledge of quick book accounting software
  • bility to apply concepts of basic algebra and geometry

Procurement Officer

Scope of work and job description 

Job Summary

The Procurement Officer is responsible to work closely with Finance and admin department of EDI Ethiopia and Procurement team, as well as regional-based staff for the procurement of all materials and services required for the institution and Seed program and reports to the Procurement department. The position will liaise with the rest of the team for procurement and finance to ensure all Procurement Policies, Procedures and guidelines are in place, followed and documented.

Key Responsibilities

  • Execute procurement and sourcing of all items and service purchase from suppliers with transparent accountability, efficiency and cost effectiveness. By meeting the six rights of supply (right price, right time, right quantity and quality services to the required places & from the most cost-effective source).
  • Well understood Procurement policy and process of the institution & SEED program and implement well and understand Internalize Procurement Policy.
  • Document the procurement process and maintain accurate physical and electronic documentation and requisite authorizations in accordance with Dexis and USAID rules and regulations.  
  • Provide the required procurement-related administrative support for the regional offices as requested by the program manager and the Senior procurement and logistics manager 
  • Request and obtain quotations for all project-related procurements.  
  • Prepare and issue requests for quotations, receive the proposals, and prepare bid analysis documents.  
  • Draft purchase orders, subcontracts, and consulting agreements for the Procurement and Logistics Manager’s review and approval.  
  • Facilitate processes required for Procurement to include maintain and update procurement database, vendors database, tracking contract and framework agreements
  • Completing procurement transaction and payment and prepare electronic documentation for all purchases as per standard procurement documentation requirement.
  • Ensure items are delivered to warehouse and Goods Received Note is issued when the Supplies is received and dispatched.
  • Ensure finalized procurement documents are timely scanned and submitted to the Finance Department for payment.
  • Compile Suppliers data base like a supplier’s background, capabilities, and integrity.
  • Provide documents and information to the warehouse staff when new fixed assets are procured.
  • Provide relevant procurement data to management to support operational needs and the program development process.
  • Ensure that procurement-related deliverables for program activities are achieved on schedule, in accordance with approved specifications and within the allocated budget. Monitor and track all project procurement activities. 
  • Onsite and remote support for field procurement staffs, facilitate payments in country office. Ensure all suppliers are regularly vetted, get proper approval, numbered and filed in the Procurement team.
  • Provide procurement planning support to the program staff as required.
  • Prepare contracts and amendments of contracts when needed. 
  • Submit procurement reports on a weekly & monthly basis.
  • Maintain an inventory of project assets and equipment, and the provision of office supplies and consumables.  
  • Perform other duties assigned by the line supervisor.

Open Position: One Position 

Contract duration: One year with possible extension

Job Requirements


Education / Experience Needed

  • BA degree in Procurement, supply chain management, purchasing management, Business management, Marketing management, or related field. 
  • Minimum of Five (5) Years’ Experience in a similar setup preferably in INGO/NGO.

Skills Required

  • Excellent Computer skills like Excel, Word and related and other software desired.
  • Ability in using strategic tracking of exchanges in procurement (STEP) or other relevant procurement tracking software.
  • Display creative problem solving in addressing and resolving emerging project needs.  
  • Excellent Verbal/written & oral communication skill in English. 
  • Able to communicate complex issues in a concise, accessible and engaging way.
  • Able to give attention to detail.
  • Ability to prioritize and manage a high-volume workload in a fast-paced work environment.  
  • Well-developed organizational and planning skill. Well organized documentation skill.
  • High integrity, pro-active, stable, robust character and a good team-player.
  • Punctuality and respect for rules and procedures.
  • Must be able to maintain highest level of confidentiality regarding work-related information and data. 
  • Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, interest, commissions, proportions, percentages, area circumference and volume. Ability to apply concepts of basic algebra and geometry

Administrative Assistant

Scope of work and job description 

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing administrative and secretarial support to EDI Director General, Executive Secretary to the DG, coordinates staff meetings, and special events; maintains office supplies; greets visitors and answers the telephone; receives and distributes mail and correspondence; gathers data and compiles various reports; photocopies materials; maintains files; issues correspondence and promotes the institution by maintaining good customer relations. He/she is also expected to facilitate flight booking and facilitation of air ticket purchase for business related travels of the work unit’s staff.

Open Position: One Position 

Contract duration: One year with possible extension

Job Requirements


Academic & Professional Qualification 

  • First degree in Secretarial Science & Office Management or Other related fields


  • At least five (5) years of relevant work experience.

Behavioral Competency

  • Interpersonal and cross-cultural skills, including ability to build collaborative relationships with sensitivity to diversity/inclusion.
  • Creativity and innovation skills.
  • Action oriented.
  • Quality focus and attention to detail.
  • Professionalism and integrity in line with the Institution values.
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Critical and analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Personal motivation and drive exhibited through commitment to hard work, continuous improvement and achievement of goals.
  • Good customer relationship management skills (internal and external customers).
  • Risk awareness and focus – demonstrates understanding of risk management practices, standards and regulatory requirements.

Required Technical Competency 

  • Good customer relations skills.
  • Work management and prioritizing skills
  • Accuracy, flexibility& reliability
  • Good customer handling
  • Computer Literate.

Communication Lead

Scope of work and job description 

The Communication Lead is expected to contribute to the success of the SEED program implementation through outreach activities focused on awareness building and better understanding among beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders. This will be achieved through communication strategy that incorporates activities including information sharing, workshops, trainings to federal, regional and woreda level implementers and publication and dissemination of promotional materials aimed at raising entrepreneurship awareness.

Under the direct supervision of EDI Director General and SEED Program Manager, and in partnership with other program managers, the Communication Lead among others will have the following duties and responsibilities: 

  • Coordinate any communication activities of EDI, and particularly those related to the SEED Program implementation.  
  • Prepare Communication, Out-reach and Advocacy strategy that guides the specific activities to be undertaken in the area of communication and outreach, specify the ways and means of communicating beneficiaries and the public at large.
  • Build awareness and understanding of the Program among the intended beneficiaries and relevant stakeholders- ensure that the objectives of the projects are clearly understood. 
  • Ensure transparency and access to information. The Communication Lead clarify any misunderstanding and create a favorable condition for equal opportunities for program/project participants.
  • Document and disseminate best practices, successes and lessons of the SEED program and other EDI projects, and celebrate achievements of project participants, beneficiaries and implementers.
  • Prepare communication and out-reach strategy document, calendar events, periodical information kits for potential participants, implementers and the general public, and regularly update EDI website and social media and prepare any materials deemed to be vital for communication. 
  • Organizing periodic meetings, workshop and any awareness raising events to ensure that important information regarding EDI and the different programs and projects reaches as many people and partners as possible.
  • Establish proactive relations with relevant media for regular outreach and cultivating a solid relationship with journalists, giving them adequate information access.
  • Produce documentary films based on success stories/best practices and lessons of Program participants.  
  • Perform any additional tasks deemed necessary and as suggested by the different departments or as instructed by EDI Director General.  
  • Produce quarterly reports and as required monthly progress reports detailing major communication related activities performed with in the specific period.

Open Position: One Position 

Program: Sustainable Employment through Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development (SEED)

Grade: Senior Level – Senior 

Contract duration: One year with possible extension

Job Requirements

Required Competencies

  • M.A in Communication or Public relations or fields of studies related to Out-reach and Advocacy tasks. 
  • Minimum 8 years for advanced degree with experiences in communication, outreach and advocacy.
  • Extensive experience in public relations, communication, social mobilization and impact evaluation of communication interventions, working in the media, research documentation and having a good report writing skill. 
  • Knowledge of current developments and practices in communication including digital media, community organization and women’s development issues. 
  • Computer skills including data management and analysis and power point. 
  • Skills in planning a variety of programs for target audience, and good command of English language.

Gender and Safeguarding Specialist

Scope of work and job description 

Under the direct supervision of the SEED Program Manager and in partnership with other program managers, the Gender and Safeguarding Specialist among others will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Collaborate and work with gender and safeguarding team of the MasterCard Foundation, identified SEED implementing partners safeguarding focal points and relevant government offices in designing and supervising implementation of safeguarding activities;
  • Ensure the organization self-assessment including all implementing partners and or sub grantees are conducted and the mitigation strategy is tracked periodically. 
  • Risk assessment of program operation and activities are conducted, mitigation designed and addressed, and learnings are well captured.
  • Establish effective, safe and inclusive reporting/complain and feedback mechanisms and periodically review its application. Engage youth representatives in this process
  • Establish internal local reporting mechanisms, receive reports, record and manage incidents.
  • Develop annual action plan for gender and safeguarding based on standard practices and ensure the designed plan is monitored and tracked upon schedule.  to 
  • Ensure the SEED Program lead organization as well all implementing partners, including TVTs have safeguarding policy and procedure that ensure all program participants are safe at all time and settings. 
  • Establish a monitoring and evaluation system for the implementation of sub-projects in accordance with safeguarding management guidelines (operational manual) of the program.  
  • Provide awareness creation training to Staff members, Trainers, BDS providers, TVTs, Banks, MFIs, Youth and women entrepreneurs on safeguarding and specific role they have. 
  • Facilitate communication among various stakeholders and mainly to all implementing partners, sub grantees and service providers to provide technical support for effective implementing of safeguarding practices. 
  • Ensure activities and operation do not put vulnerable people at risk and monitor gender equality and inclusion is considered at all times. Oversee project activities and policies related to gender equity, inclusion of the disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the Program/project designing, implementation, stakeholder engagement and monitoring activities;
  • Undertake periodical site visits to entrepreneurs and enterprises in order to assess how safeguarding and gender issues and mitigation measures are applied in minimizing risks;
  • Involve and contribute in the preparation and revision of guidelines and tools and/or instruments relevant to safeguarding;
  • Create awareness to avoid Gender Based Violence related to program/project implementation;
  • Conduct training need assessment and review training modules and suggest modification/improvements in the areas of safeguarding, gender as appropriate.  
  • Compile quarterly, biannual and annual reports on gender and safeguarding part of the M&E report and compliance of MasterCard Foundation
  • Work closely with EDI’s different departments including Training, BDS, M&E, access to finance and other projects to make sure appropriate safeguarding standards are effectively mainstreamed across the different units;  
  • Actively and effectively participated on safeguarding and gender community of practices organized by MasterCard Foundation for exchange of learning and sharing practices.
  • Collaborate with MasterCard Foundation in any additional safeguarding pilot initiatives 
  • In addition to the above-mentioned activities, the gender and safeguarding specialist will perform other related and relevant assignments of the EDI.

The duration of assignment will be for one-year contract, with a possibility of extension upon satisfactory performance.

Open Position: One Position 

Program: Sustainable Employment through Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development (SEED)

Reports To: SEED Program Manager 

Grade: Senior Level – Senior 

Contract duration: One year with possible extension

Job Requirements

 Required Competencies

  • BA/BSc, MSc/MA degree in social sciences, Development studies, Sociology, Social Anthropology, Social development, psychology or Gender or related fields;
  • Minimum of 7 years for BA/BSc or 5 years for MA/MSc either in gender and safeguarding experience in development or humanitarian sector; and not less than 2 years’ experience in donor financed projects;
  • Experience on facilitating safeguarding and or gender training, survey/studies.  
  • Experience in private, enterprise development or digital sector is preferable. 
  • Demonstrated experience of strong communication skills and ability to coordinate a diverse team;
  • Growth mindset and openness to feedback;
  • Good report writing and presentation skill as well as adequate computer skills of internet, email, etc.; and
  • Good working knowledge of written and spoken English.

How to Apply

Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI)-Ethiopia now invites eligible candidates to apply for the above mentioned positions. Interested candidates should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the required services.

The applicants should clearly describe the name of the position to which they are applying for on their application letter.

Female Applicants are highly encouraged to apply for all positions

Application for the job (including recent and compressive CV with a letter of application and other relevant supporting documents) must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by mail info@edi-ethiopia.org, or apply on ethiojobs.net) up to or before 24, October, 2023, 4:00 P.M.

Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours from 8:30 A.M to 12:30 P.M in the morning and from 1:30 P.M to 5:30 P.M in the afternoon.

The client’s Address is:

Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI)-Ethiopia

Around:  Kasanchis Nega City Mall 3rd floor

Telephone number: +251 115571150

Email: info@edi-ethiopia.org Country: – Ethiopia

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