Pharmacy coc exam

pharmacy coc exam 1, Most medicines consist of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and various excipients Which of the following is a possible justification for formulating medicines in this way, other than? A, The excipients stabilize the active ingredient so that it does not degrade before administration B, The excipients reduce the possibility of the … Read more

Medical Doctor’s COC Exam

Medical Doctor’s COC Exam In Ethiopia 33. A 46 year-old man is brought to the Emergency Department because he was vomiting fresh blood. He reports that he has no abdominal pain or nausea: On physical examination, BP-70/40 mmHg. PR-118/min, RR= 24/min. He also has gynecomastia, dilated abdominal veins and ascites. Which of the following is … Read more

Nursing COC Exam

Nursing COC Exam 1, . A pregnant woman, 16 weeks of pregnancy, presents to an emergency room unconscious for an hour. She has heavy vaginal bleeding and pale conjunctiva. Her blood pressure is 80/50 mmHg, pulse rate is 110/min, respiration is 14/min, and temperature is 37.2°C. What is the most appropriate initial intervention? A, Administer … Read more

Awash Bank Exam Question

Awash Bank Exam Question and Entrance Test Learn about the interview process, employee benefits, company culture and moreHere you will find questions  for Awash International Bank S.Co.. All questions are collect from Different Bank Branch by our administrator.we have expanded through a combination of substantial organic growth and an enhanced customer service experience. The jobholder … Read more

Banking Interview Questions & Answers

-Why cbe expands its branches throughout out the country? -Why cbe bears interest to depositors, while the deposit is the liability of the bank? PERSONAL QUESTIONS – introduce your self-What is your future plan?-what is your weakness and strength?-if it happens some quarrel among staff members what will you do on the conflict resolution?-what are … Read more

Ethiopian Banks Aptitude Exam Questions

Ethiopian Banks Aptitude Exam Questions: Aptitude Exam is one of the main exam used by banks and large corporations in hiring staff, which includes English language, math, physics and reasoning questions.Commercial Bank of Ethiopia(CBE), Awash Bank, Abyssinia Bank and Addis Ababa city government use aptitude exams to short list applicants for further hiring process.EXAM . … Read more

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