Career by Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation

Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation (ECDSWCo.) is transforming and diversifying from the current consultancy business operations. Taking advantage of the existing ECDSWCo.’s strength and maximizing on the newly emerging external opportunities that are being prevalent with the shifts in Ethiopian Economic Policy – the Corporation is aiming to play a significant role to the success of the Ethiopian Construction Industry -by creating a vibrant business institution that will not only fill the gap that is in the current construction industry, but also replace the need for having international construction companies that are dominating the government mega scale projects.

To this, the Corporation is emerging as an Engineering and Investment Group. The proposed name of the Group is ‘’Ethiopian Engineering and Investment Group (EEIG)’’. The Group will comprise of three main operational business units i.e., Consultancy, Construction and Investment.

EEIG-Construction business unit key activities are high-end complex construction projects, predominately high-rise commercial and residential buildings, real-estate; infrastructure (roads, railways and airports) & water and energy sector construction. EEIG-Construction alone would grow into a conglomerate of several business units including Piling, underground and foundation Works, Fit-Out, Energy (Solar Solutions), Electro- Mechanical Solution, Facility Management, Landscape and Construction Materials Production.

EEIG Construction is launched with the vision of being the best construction company in Ethiopia with a strategy of Timeously executing high-end complex projects, by utilizing proactive management skills as a Design and Build Contractor in order to achieve an optimum return and aspiring to be a competitive and preferred choice that can replace the current dependence on international contractors and deliver excellence. EEIG Construction will uphold Courage, Integrity, Reliability, Value for its People and Innovation as its core values.

Position Overview/Scope of role:

To take pictures and record video’s .editing of pictures and Video’s  in the construction sector ,especially live events related to construction works.

Top Roles and Responsibilities:

·       Effective use of time, work within set time limits and work in harmony with supervisors

·       Save and protect photo, video and audio files in an organized manner

·       Proficiency in using photo, video and audio editing software and video effects tools (Operate computer editing systems and equipment used for video media and effects)

·       The ability to prepare and understand program ideas and texts (script, screen play outline)

·       Ability and experience in editing various types of video projects and identifying and using the necessary sounds of the projects.  Skill & Experience of editing various video projects and inserting sound (effects, music, and transitions ).

. Experience in graphics design such us banner flyers brochures  and magazine designing skills. 

·       Experience and skill in enhancing color visions and video and audio quality (Experience with color grading & arrangement and improve video and sound quality using various video software)

·       Total editing and decorating skills

·       Able to do other related work 

Job Requirements

Qualifications and Experience Required

  • Diploma in Photography/Videography
  • 2 years and above experience
  • Must be able to use premiere pro , after effects , adobe illustrator , Photoshop  and other software’s

How to Apply

1. Ensure you fulfill the minimum set of requirement.

2. If you fulfill the above requirement, then you are expected to fill  and submit the form we attached below. 

Application Link

3. All those that do not fulfill the above requirements will be rejected automatically. 

4. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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