How to Motivate Yourself to Study

Sometimes it feels like a chore to have to study so much and catch up on reading from earlier weeks. It might be daunting since, along with the learning, there may be a surge of questions that force you to doubt yourself personally. Do I even comprehend what I’m reading? Will I be able to … Read more

How to Start a Business A Step by Step Guide

How to Start a Business: A Step-by-Step Guide Before establishing a business, you want to make sure you are well-prepared, but you also understand that things will almost likely go wrong. You must adjust to shifting circumstances if you want to manage a successful firm. Making a business strategy requires doing extensive market research on … Read more

How to Write a Business Plan Step by Step

How to Write a Business Plan, Step by Step A well-written business plan should include details about your business’s goals, products or services, and finances. A business plan is a written document that details your company’s financial objectives and describes how you’ll meet them. A solid, thorough plan will offer a roadmap for the company’s … Read more

How to Improve Communication Skills

Ways of improve communication skills One of the cornerstones of a prosperous company is a leader that can communicate with staff members, within teams, and throughout the entire organization. Effective communication has never been more crucial—or difficult—in the complex and rapidly changing business environment of today, with its hundreds of different communication tools, fully or … Read more

Fully Funded Koc University Turkish Scholarship 2023

Founded in 1993 in İstanbul, Koç University is a non-profit private research university located in Istanbul, Turkey and supported by the resources of the internationally renowned Vehbi Koç Foundation. Since its establishment, Koç University has emerged as a center of global excellence in science and education and is uniquely positioned to explore the overlaps of … Read more

Chinese Government Scholarship

High Level Postgraduate ProgramChinese Government Scholarship-High Level Postgraduate Program is a full scholarship established by Ministry of Education to support Chinese universities to attract outstanding international students for graduate studies in China. Wuhan University of Technology is one of the prestigious universities designated to undertake this program to recruit graduate students for Master and Doctoral Programs. Supporting Categories, … Read more

UNICEF Internship

One of the best internships for students in the world. Apply for the Fully Funded UNICEF Internship for Students 2023. UNICEF offers internship opportunities for students, undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students. The Internship is open to all applicants from any country to Join the UNICEF Internship program. UNICEF covers all the expenses including Air tickets, visas, and accommodation as well. UNICEF internship is a Paid … Read more

Funded South Korean Govt Scholarship

GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) is formally known as Korean Government Scholarship (KGSP). The applications are now open to apply for the Korean Government GKS Scholarship 2023-24 to South Korea. GKS is a Fully Funded South Korean Govt Scholarship for Graduate degree programs. Applicants can apply for the Masters, and PhD Degree programs. Applicants from any country, from any part, with any nationality … Read more

Ethiopia 12th Grade remedial program placement Result

Educational Assessment and Examinations Services (EAES) among others has the powers and duties of preparing country-wide national examinations based on the country’s education curriculum and training policy, Administer and ensuring the confidentiality and safety of national exams, Establishing and administering a center for the safe custody of the results of national exams, Issue certificates of … Read more

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