Enat Bank S.C New Jobs Vacancies June 2023

Enat Bank S.C New Jobs Vacancies 2023 Enat Bank was initiated by some of Ethiopia’s leading visionaries and businesswomen. Enat Bank’s founders created a bank that empowers women while providing all clients with exemplary services. Enat Bank SC would like to invite qualified and interested job seekers to apply for the following different positions. Position … Read more

Amhara Bank S.C New Jobs Vacancies June 2023

Amhara Bank S.C New Jobs Vacancies 2023 Amhara Bank aims to use the enabling conditions to provide an excellent service that appeals to the ever-diversifying and growing needs of customers that are demanding more from banks in the form of personalized and competitive banking services. The Bank intends to provide a secure, responsive, dynamic, and … Read more

Addis International Bank SC June 2023

Addis International Bank SC Addis International Bank SC External Vacancy Announcement Position 1 – Customer Service Officer Qualification: First Degree in Accounting/ Management/ Economics or related fieldsExperience: 1 year of experience as a Graduate Trainee Competency: Knowledge of banking principles and practicesKnowledge of Cash Management practices of banksGood knowledge of Cash Management policies and procedures … Read more

Bank of Abyssinia New Jobs June 2023

Bank of Abyssinia New Jobs Vacancies June 05,2023 In an era where commercial banking services were in an inchoate stage and striding towards transforming different sectors of the economy, Bank of Abyssinia’s founders believed in the need for a bank that gives comprehensive commercial banking services. Thus, the Bank of Abyssinia (BoA) was open for … Read more

Addis Ababa Health Bureau vacancy June 2023

Addis Ababa Health Bureau External Vacancy Announcement 1 – ከአንገት በላይ ስፔሻሊስት ሀኪም2 – የፕላስቲክ ሰርጀሪ ስፔሻሊስት ሀኪም3 – ጠቅላላ ሀኪም | የህብረተሰብ ጤና4 – አጠባበቅ ጤና መኮንን HO)5 – የተቀናጀ ድንገተኛ ቀዶ ህክምና(የማህፀንና ጽንስ ህክምና አጠቃላይ ቀዶ ህክምና)ፕሮፌሽናል ስፔሻሊስት6 – ሜዲካል ራዲዮሎጂ ፕሮፊሽናል7 – አንስቴዥዮሎጂ ፕሮፌሽናል I8 – ነርስ ፕሮፌሽናል I (BSC ነርስ)9 – … Read more

Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation vacancy June 2023

Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation (ECDSWCo.) is transforming and diversifying from the current consultancy business operations. Taking advantage of the existing ECDSWCo.’s strength and maximizing on the newly emerging external opportunities that are being prevalent with the shifts in Ethiopian Economic Policy – the Corporation is aiming to play a significant role to … Read more

Shemu Group Vacancy June 2023

Shemu Group is a conglomerate company composed of Shemu PLC, Asveza PLC and other functional private limited companies with a fast growth record of accomplishment. The Companies in the group engaged in manufacturing (liquid soap, bar soap, Edible oil and shortening products), retail service providing, printing, trading and engineering. Based on this, our corporate office … Read more

Malaysian Government MTCP Scholarship 2023-24 in Malaysia

The Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) Scholarship 2023-24 is a fully funded scholarship offered by the Government of Malaysia for international students to pursue a postgraduate degree (Master’s or PhD) in various fields at selected Malaysian universities. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, airfare, and insurance. In addition, the recipients of the scholarship are … Read more

EABC Job Vacancy

EABC Job Vacancy 2023 Details Application Process On an important note, all Ethiopian job seekers willing to work with EABC must read the details job vacancy announcement notification and check the eligibility for the application submission. Interested Candidates can fill out the application form by visiting the official website. Candidates have to visit www.ethioagri.com to fill out the … Read more

G2G IT Group Job

G2G IT Group Job Vacancy 2023 Details Job Requirement Billing Clerk/ Account Receivable Post Call Operator/Poc Post Call Center Manager Post Network Cable Technician Post Network Engineer II Post Network Engineer I Post System And Platform Administrator Post Telebirr Sales & Marketing Manager Post IT Manager Post Application Process On an important note, all Ethiopian … Read more

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